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Ruby on Rails developer

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Ruby on Rails developer

The company develops a mobile and web application that uses power of flashcards in combination with spaced repetition to help people study any subject imaginable. People use our product to study materials for school, university, work or their personal interests. We combine the latest technologies, best design principles, and constant product research to build not just an app, but a sophisticated platform where people create communities, help each other, and achieve their study goals.

What kind of person we’re looking for We’re looking for a proactive Ruby on Rails developer, who doesn’t only develops new features and fixes bugs but also suggests improvements on the codebase level as well as on the product and company level. We are a team with strong beliefs on work / life balance, ownership, and respect. Responsibilities Generally you will be working on developing new features, improving existing infrastructure, third-party API integrations, and the following:

• Working within the product team to understand, scope and advise on the best approach to achieve a business objective conforming to direction around approach and consistency, leading technical discussions and supporting peers.

• Lead and advise on entire projects, contributing to design and implementation of the overall application architecture, making hands-on contributions to new and existing code bases.

• Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers with server side logic, building reusable code and libraries for future use.

• Optimization of the application for maximum speed and scalability whilst ensuring security and data protection. What we expect from you

• Production level expertise in Ruby on Rails;

• Your English allows you to feel comfortable communicating in it (verbal and written) the whole working day;

• Experience in designing complex components from scratch;

• Hands-on experience in tuning solutions to improve performance;

• Strong knowledge of SQL, experience of working with relational databases like PostgreSQL;

• Deep understanding of CS concepts such as data structures, OOP, and algorithms;

• Advanced level of working with tools: Linux, CLI tools, git;

• You know how important it is to communicate with the team and inform others about what you are doing, so you stick to open and frequent communication;

• Familiarity with Jira / Scrum / Sprints and all those things

🙂 Why Us

• Hit 400k users in less than a year with 100k people using our platform every month

• We are fully remote, giving you a possibility to work from anywhere in the world with flexible hours

• You will have a meaningful say in what and how we build around all aspects of the product

• Profitable company not relying on investors’ money

• You will work with a team that has a proven track record of creating successful and renowned products

• You will build product that thousands of users love and spend hours in every day


 IT Рекрутер — Глафира Хеленко


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